View From the Pew TV Talk Show 

Show airs nationally on PTWWN

A View from the Pew distributed by Preach the Word Worldwide Network, on Roku, Xfinity, Direct TV and Google play, Is going to be an exciting dialogue. The show's Executive Producer and host is  Inetta Jenkins Cooper, a Christian author, and business owner who went from a sharecropper on a farm in South Carolina to Trail Blazer Of three companies, co-Host include Val Scarborough from Charlotte NC, Coylette James, Las Vegas Nevada, Samantha Dowdy, Charlotte NC, and Willette Hurst, Savannah GA.

The show focuses on dating, sexuality, marriage, money, dreams, beliefs, health, family, how it affects life, worship and the church, while explaining their personal view of what's wrong and how to fix it. This show is designed to cross-over secular lines; therefore it isn’t all about religion, but focuses more on the problems surrounding the world and what is the solution.   

Additionally, the studio and viewing audience are encouraged to participate by expressing their views on show topics live on social media. 



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